battlefield 5 – News,Trailer, release date

Released on PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: October 21 2018

PC Specs
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X SLI
Processor: Intel i7 4790K Quad Core 4.0Ghz
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1070
Ram: 8GB 1333mhz
Monitor: Benq GW2765 Ips display
Resolution 2560×1440

Battlefield 5 is a first person shooter set during the devastating period of World War 1, Battlefield captures the grittiness and destruction that fell upon the world during the years of 1914-1918 where 8 million were killed. Graphically the game is nothing less than a masterpiece as you would expect from a studio of the caliber of DICE who previously developed Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline. The gameplay is solid and very enjoyable providing players with a decent single player experience and a phenomenal multiplayer game.

Battlefield 5 feels like DICE went back to their roots of what made a good Battlefield game, previous iterations felt like they were forced to compete with the ever popular Call of Duty series which over the last two console generations have been set during WW2, modern times, near future and the latest iteration takes the player to space. Battlefield 1 however abandoned what feels like a decade trend of modern/near future shooters to go back in time to WW1 a time period that has never really been covered in video games. None the less I feel the game benefits drastically for this resulting in gameplay that feels fantastic and stories that feel enjoyable compared to what dice have released in the past.

Single Player
Battlefield 1’s single player experience is one that I very much enjoyed experiencing. This comes as a surprise as DICE do not exactly have a reputation for good single player games with Battlefield 3 and 4 seriously lacking in gripping content. The single player modes felt like a cinematic experience showing off what epic scenes DICE could create in a controlled scripted environment. Battlefield 1 tells not one story but 5, instead of one long story dragging on for 10 hours that no one really cares about, DICE decided to create 5 short stories each taking around 1-3 hours of game time to complete.

These short stories really captured my attention as each showed a different aspect of being a soldier during war time, you will play as a runner (someone who delivered messages across the front lines), a tank driver, fighter pilot, special ops gunner and a Arabic resistance fighter. Each story is well composed and long enough to get connected with the characters but not too long that you question how one person can survive being shot down, stabbed, blown up, seriously wounded and captured to then escape and end the war on their own.

The gunplay feels nice with a decent variation in weaponry with DICE adding their signature physics such as bullet drop and destruction. Rifles have a range mode where you toggle between distances of 75 meters, 150 meters and 300 meters, this was never explained to me and I can only hazard a guess that having the correct setting will either increase damage or accuracy of your rifle. Explosions caused by grenades, planes, tanks, dynamite, bombs and anything else that creates a big boom will leave craters in the ground where you can take cover, this adds for a significant amount of depth in the multi player modes.

Multi Player
This is where the game comes into it’s own and will control your life for many hours at a time. The online multi player of Battlefield 1 is the best in the franchise since the good days of Bad Company and Bad Company 2. The online offers several classic game modes such as Rush and Conquest and also adds some more interesting modes like Operations and War Pigeons. Operations plays like a combination of Rush and Conquest setting two teams, attack and defend to fight over two Conquest style flags. The attackers need to hold both flags at the same time to push the defenders back in the same style as the Rush game mode. Once the attackers complete each phase they win, if the defenders hold out long enough and reduce the attackers tickets to 0, they win what seems like a round with the next one begining where the current left off, this time the attackers a given a significant advantage in the form of what I call a power vehicle. These power vehicles range from a giant blimp that flies any where on the map, an armored train that moves along the tracks and a destroyer that sails along the coast bombarding the defending team with artillery. These vehicles are not unique to the Operations mode and can be given to the losing side during Conquest games. The game modes offer endless fun and variation for any type of player, with games raging from 12-64 player game modes.

Battlefields leveling system is rather straight forward yet slightly frustrating, resulting in what seems like a grind to get the gear you want. When playing Battlefield 1 online you will get XP which in turn will level you up, once you level up you are given war bonds, you then spend your war bonds on the gear that you like. Each class also has a level, when using each class you slowly gain XP for it which allows you to by more of the items for that particular class. This results in you not being able to buy the items you want with your hard earned war bonds, leaving you to grind more XP on a class so you can have an optics scope on your smg. The upgrades are not very satisfying as there are only a handful of weapons for each class. Each class is also limited to a type of weapon with Assault accessing shotguns and smgs, Medic accessing single shot rifles, scout accessing snipers and support are left with the lmgs. While I understand that this adds to balance it would be nice to be able to customize your characters a little further like you could in Star Wars Battlefront, just with the added classes.

Gunplay and vehicle combat online is nothing short of a joy to experience. The guns effectiveness varies drastically on range where you will see riflemen getting the best of smgs at a medium distance but up close the smg packs one hell of a punch. The vehicle system has been changed from previous Battlefield installments by letting the player choose what type of vehicle they spawn in. For example you will notice on your spawn screen you can select to spawn in a plane, you are then given the choice of what type of plane you wish, e.g. bomber, attack plane or fighter. This is the same for tanks and boats giving the players the choice of what vehicles they might need to help turn the tide of battle. You will no longer have your teams tank destroyed early on and then get steam rolled by the other team who are still supported by their tank while you drive around in a jeep. Now you can choose to have another tank or a different vehicle that might counter what the opposing team is using at the current time.

The maps in the multi player offer much variety in locale as well as design. You will see yourself fighting across the fields of Italy or through the city streets of France, this offers much variety to how the game plays as you would expect if you have ever played a Battlefield game before. I find that the maps set against the Ottoman Empire are lacking requiring the player to travel long distances to get from point to point and offering points where it is either too easy or too hard for the attackers/defenders.

Overall Battlefield 1 is a very enjoyable game that will offers many hours of enteretainment. While the single player experience is solid and of average length for a shooter, the game comes into its own with a fantastic multiplayer experience. Mechanically the game is sound offering tight gun play, great audio and a decent variety of maps, vehicles and weapons that you would expect from a Battlefield game. Personally I think this game is a must buy for anyone that is looking for a new first person shooter to sink many hours into. The setting is also fresh and nice to see historical moments getting their time in the lime light.

+Great Gameplay
+Good Gunplay
+Fantastic Audio
+Graphically Stunning
+Phenomenal Multi Player
+Solid Single Player
+Good Maps
+Good Game Modes
+Bullet Physics

-Slightly Tedious Leveling
-More War Stories
-Only 8-12 Hours Single Player Content

Overall – Fantastic

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