While the world is gearing up for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus scheduled for later this month, China already has its clones available for purchase. This isn’t something new, as China with its no copyright policy has a ton of clones of the most iconic smartphones. So it is only obvious that a clone for the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be out. Other smartphones like the Apple iPhones, previous Galaxy devices and several other iconic smartphone clones have been seen in the Chinese market before, and now adding to the list would be the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Clones are highly based on the leaks and rumors of the smartphones that emerges on the Internet before a phone is launched. And with the number of leaks and rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have seen, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers have had a good reference to build a clone of the original 8. This would mark it to be the first clone of the Samsung Galaxy S8 till date. And with many rumors and leaks, and the actual smartphone being launched in just a few weeks, a lot more clones can be expected.

But how do you spot a clone? What the Chinese local smartphone manufacturers have always gotten wrong, are the small specifics and details, which on a closer look can always help distinguish between an original and a clone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 clone, though looks pretty similar to the one spotted via video leaks and photos has its share of flaws. The clone of the S8 even after having the video leak as a reference, has managed to get the alignment of the front camera and sensors off. The rear camera on the clone is also quite big when compared to what we have seen in the leaks. Some of the other differences include the fingerprint sensors incorrect placement, the n on-inclusion of the hardware button that according to the video and image leaks is directed towards Bixby, Samsung’s AI assistant.


Though the Samsung Galaxy S8 clones have become available for purchase in the Chinese market, we do not know what the specifications are on these. Even the pricing is unknown. But when compared to the hefty price tag that the original would come with, the clone for sure would be a bargain that comes at a cost in terms of features.

Coming to the official Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the smartphones will be officially unveiled on the March 29th, which is exactly when the company intends to start the pre-orders too. And considering the excitement that the company has managed to create, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would definitely be much more in demand than the clones, no matter how alike they look. So if you’re looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 after its launch, make sure you do enough research on it, and not get fooled by a clone.

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