Best Malaysian Restaurants in NYC, New York

    New York City has plenty of Southeast Asian restaurants. However, most of them focus on Thai, Chinese, and Singaporean cuisine. Although they all taste delicious, Malaysian cuisine stands out for its distinct flavors and traditional recipes. The New York City boasts of a few authentic Malaysian restaurants that serve classic Malaysian dishes such as the rendang nasi lemak, Pulut Hitam, and Mee Goreng noodles. After covering Chinese restaurants in new york, Here we take a look at the five best Malaysian food restaurants in New York City. From a few decade-old establishments to some recent joiners, we bring you an expansive list of places where you can enjoy the best Malaysian food in New York City. 

    malaysian cuisine


    • Nyonya

    Nyonya is one of the most popular Malaysian restaurants in New York City. The focus here is on keeping the authentic taste of the food intact. Hence they use imported spices complemented by Ginger flower’s subtle fragrance, Kaffir leaves, and Galanga. Plus, there are sauces made from coconut milk, tamarind seeds, and curry pastes. So you get to taste the classic Malaysian cuisine here. The roti appetizer (Slim crispy pancake coupled served with curry sauce ) is a must, while the noodle dishes like the spicy, seafood-y Chow Kueh Teow and the Indian Mee Goreng with tofu, peanut, and squid sauce are popular. If you love noodles-in-broth, the Clay Pot Noodles with squid, chicken, and vegetables will surely attract you. The Malaysian spare ribs are a delight for non-non-vegetarians, thanks to the tender meat and subtle flavors. 


    • New Malaysia 

    The best things need some searching. This statement is true, especially for the New Malaysia restaurant as it hides inside an arcade tunnel. This Chinatown staple is ideal for family-style fare that includes Hainanese chicken (an uncomplicated dish seasoned with ginger and scallions) and kang-kong (fired water spinach featuring a tang of chili and shrimp paste).


    • Kopitiam:

    To enjoy a highly affordable Malaysian breakfast, head to Kopitiam, located at East Broadway. The word Kopitiam means coffee shop in Hokkien. The star of the breakfast menu is Kaya Butter Toast. It comes with two bread slices and kaya spread(kaya spread includes coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and sweet pandan leaf). To get an experience of traditional Malaysian breakfast, end your breakfast with a Kopi Tarik Coffee. They also serve delicious meals such as the Chilled Spicy Sesame Noodle, Pulut Inti (blue sticky rice with coconut), and Nasi Lemak (rice dish with anchovies). A distinctive feature of the place is that they use no additives or artificial coloring. Instead, they make hues by sourcing ingredients directly from Malaysia or nearby markets.


    • Lovemama:

    Lovemama started as a small food cart and today has emerged as one of the most popular restaurants in Manhattan. It is a Southeast Asian restaurant known for its Malaysian food. The rendang nasi lemak is a must-try. It is fragrant coconut rice and also the national dish of Malaysia. The lemongrass-and-cumin-marinated chicken satay and the Mee Goreng noodles (having similar flavors to pad thai) are also highly recommended. Hand-pulled milk tea is the ideal way to finish your meal here. If you don’t enjoy milk, then go for the Thai iced tea. 


    • Taste Good

    Taste Good restaurant is located at Elmhurst and is serving authentic Malaysian food since 1989. It was the first Malaysian restaurant in the Elmhurst neighborhood of NYC and has survived the test of time and the recent competitors. The Hainanese Chicken Rice is a popular dish here. It is a simple rice and chicken dish but has plenty of flavors as the chicken is moist and tender. If you like broth, then go for the Ipoh Hor fun. It comes with flat noodles, chicken strips, prawns, scallions, and fried garlic. For dessert, the Pulut Hitam is highly recommended. It is prepared from red beans and coconut milk and has a distinctly sweet flavor.

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