Dozens of M.L.K Day Marchers Arrested By New York Police When Gathered Near City Hall

New York – 19 Jan 2021 – On Monday night, Dozens of people were arrested in Lower Manhattan among the hundreds of people who participated in the march on the occasion of Martin Luther King’s birthday. According to the witnesses and police, the march was organized by a notorious Black Activist Group. There were several videos posted online by participants and witnesses that shown officers from New York Police Department using zip ties and helmets to clear the protesters who were gathered on the sidewalk and streets near the City Hall. After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, a lot of protesters went towards the area. 

One of the spokesmen of the department stated that dozens of arrests were made around 8 PM and 10 PM in the Centre Streets and Vicinity of Chambers. A lot of videos posted online also shown that police instantly started making arrests after urging the crowd to disperse. The incident took place during the after-hours of Martin Luther King’s birthday. This is just a couple of days after Letitia James, New York State’s attorney general sued the New York Police Department after the death of George Floyd over their way of handling the protesters this summer. 

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Ms. James appealed to have a court-appointed monitor installed to keep an eye on the policing tactics of the department at protests. In case this goes successful, it’ll join the other monitor that was appointed in 2014 to monitor the stop-and-frisk policy implementing in the city. A man named Jordan Plaza, one of the witnesses of Monday night’s event who lives in the Bronx said that a very small portion of the protesters had spilled off into the streets and sidewalks when the police warned them about obstructing the road. 

Ms. Plaza said “They had no intent to approach the police violently. Police just randomly started surging on them. Ms. Plaza also stated that she encountered the protest on the way earlier in the night when she was on her way to see her friends. She was completely shocked by the response of the police towards the protesters. She said, “It makes me angry because the protesters of Capitol Building were allowed to get in and here, they were peacefully protesting outside the courthouse.”

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