Auto Get ready to buy cheap electric vehicles, Nitin Gadkari...

Get ready to buy cheap electric vehicles, Nitin Gadkari appeals to companies


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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (Photo: PTI)

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (Photo: PTI)

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has called on electric vehicle manufacturers to make cheap e-vehicles and not to think of profits for some time. He said that after increasing demand for electric vehicles, vehicle manufacturers will start benefiting.

new Delhi. In order to increase the sales of electric vehicles in India, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has asked manufacturers to make cheap e-vehicles. He said that vehicle manufacturers reduce the cost of electric vehicles. He has also called for forgetting to earn profits for some time. Gadkari said, unless there is a huge demand for electric vehicles in the country, then automobile manufacturers should not think of profit. India has the potential to become a global hub of electric vehicles by the year 2025.

Vehicle manufacturers will benefit if demand increases
Addressing FICCI’s virtual program Electric Mobility Conference 2020, Nitin Gadkari said that unless the price of electric vehicles comes down, its demand in the market will not increase and vehicle manufacturers will not benefit either. But once the demand for electric vehicles in the market has increased, then automobile manufacturers will not have to look back. But in the beginning they will have to give up profits to promote it and be ready to sell cheap electric vehicles even after taking losses.

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Gadkari said, the central government is ready to give all possible help to electric automobile manufacturers to reduce crude oil imports and to promote electric vehicles in the country. Gadkari said that after Diwali, he has made a plan to make an hour-long presentation on the e-vehicle before the Chief Justice of the country. Gadkari said, e-transport will be the cheapest means of transport in the future. Therefore it is economically viable for automobile manufacturers, but at present they do not see any desire to reduce its cost.

Emphasis on cost reduction
Gadkari said, reducing the cost may cause some damage in the beginning, but in the end it will bring a lot of profit. As a market strategy, you have to reduce the cost to get the number of customers. He said that the country has the potential to become the world’s largest e-vehicle manufacturer in the next five years. But Indian automobile manufacturers follow the policy of weight and watch, which makes them fall behind in the global competition.

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Gadkari told the car makers that this is the right time to come forward. Raw materials are available in the country and electricity rates are coming down. There are laddus in both your hands. He also cautioned companies to avoid bureaucratic complications. Gadkari said that battery, charging facilities and other issues will prevent customers from adopting e-vehicles, but these issues are being resolved rapidly.


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