New York City Plans To Permit Instant Lottery Ticket Delivery

New York – 27 Jan 2021 – On Tuesday morning, New York regulators cleared the passage for lottery players to order tickets using their phones. This was done as an initiative to increase the gambling revenue through the use of mobile technology. The state Gaming Commission of New York has rolled out a rule that allows companies to purchase and resell instant scratch-off tickets to their customers. An application publisher has recently started taking orders for New York lottery drawings like lotto hopes and Mega Millions to begin providing instant tickers in a matter of a few months.

Although this expansion generates a sense of worry for store operators who sell lottery tickets, the head of the company who provides the lottery application in New York and many other states said that it’s helping him to attract more new and younger lottery players. Pete Sullivan, the CEO of Jack Pocket said “We’re dealing with a completely new demographic of customers. I’m not sure if we can change the behavior of people who always like to sit in the same corner, like my dad, but if we manage to provide a safer, faster, and better distribution model to someone, we’ll consider it as a win-win deal”.

As the state lawmakers and Governor Andrew Cuomo consider the proposal to make mobile sports betting authorized in New York, the movement has started to gain huge traction. Along with it, the Governor has also approved a proposal that allows more locations to provide quick draw games and authorize players to take five draws each day. During the pandemic, the lottery revenue has seen a great dip. However, with the adoption of technology, it has started recovering and improving recently. For the fiscal year of the state ending on March 31, the education aid from lottery sales is predicted to be as low as 9% to $2.25 billion, as per the state budget documents.

Recently, Jack Pocket also started offering the ability to get tickets from lottery drawing to the people in New York in the form of a scanned image of tickers purchased on the behalf of the player. However, the process of ordering scratch-off tickets is slightly different. The latter allows players to receive a physical ticket delivered to their home, ordered through the application. Players need to register an account on the application for both types of tickets.

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